Artem Gusev

Public Speaking Coach for Tech Entrepreneurs


I'm public speaking coach for executives and founders, TEDxLETI conference organizer. I help founders to craft clear and meaningful speeches to raise money or present their products.

I've prepared 200+ speeches for the last 4 years among them speeches of CEO of Ebay in Global Emerging Markets, Founder of Borzo, CEO of eComPay, CEO of SkillFactory, CEO of Skyeng, CPO of Skyeng, CMO of loreal, Founder of 24TTL, Top management of Mercedes and Coca-Cola, also curated pitches for 500 Startups. 

I've used to be a product manager at Skyeng and that experience shaped the way I perceive communication. For me each talk is a chance to make difference and the only criteria of talks's success is the impact it makes. 


Founder at Bureau Glagol
February 2019
Head of Skyeng International at Skyeng
January 2018
January 2018
Head of Skyeng Travel at Skyeng
January 2018
January 2019

Helps with:

Marketing, content, and community
Public speech evaluation
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