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Here people with a strong network attract talents to your jobs and get rewards

Let’s leave recruiting agencies behind

Instead of recruiters, we gathered a community of pros recommending other pros for jobs. We call them handshakers.

Find talents faster

More than 10.000 handshakers work on your job opening.

Only suitable candidates

Handshakers only recommend their friends and coworkers. (Bye-bye, cold boolean search). They know the humans they recommend; they might’ve even worked together.

A precise hit

Handshaker understands the job you do much better than a recruiter, who can assess but can’t always act according to your business goals.

Describe the job.
Create a job opening in a user-friendly constructor with ready-made blocks. Attract candidates: tell them about the team and tasks, and immerse them into the company culture.
Identify the reward
Unlike with recruiting agencies, you’re the one handling the money. FYI, the higher the reward, the faster you will find the ONE.
Get ready for the first talent wave
At least 10.000 scouts will see your job opening. They will immediately plug into their powerful network, and the first recommendations will follow.
Let us handle the screening process
Our experienced HRs thoroughly look through the applications and present you only relevant candidates
Get a new teammate
You make a deal and reward the network. If (for any reason) you’re not satisfied with the candidate, we’ll gladly replace them for free

Source, screen, attract and retain web3 talents much faster

In just four easy steps

You'll be in with a good crowd

These web3 heroes are already hiring faster.


You name the reward. Usually, it’s 15-20% of the annual salary, but it’s up to you. Just don’t forget that a high reward means fast hiring.

Post a job

You’re in with
the right crowd

Every month more than 10.000 scouts share job openings with talents from their network. Take a look at the top scouts of April 2022

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