What’s a track?

A track is a pre-shaped path formed to deal with the specific needs of a product's current stage. For instance, there's a demand to get fully ready for fundraising. In this case, a track covers every step required for a successful outcome: from selecting necessary funds to polishing a pitch deck. HUMANS offers a list of the most popular tracks. Still, we understand that every case is unique, so we are always willing to design a track specifically for your goals.

Who can use your service?

Basically, anyone aiming to thrive in Web3. From well-established small startups stumbling on a certain product development stage to early-stage products looking for direction. We also welcome individual Web3 founders.

Do advisors have any success metrics or commitments to working with me?

Every pre-shaped track has a general result you and your advisors aim for. After your initial conversation with a senior curator, we'll set an individual result specifically for your overall goals. Your advisors will be working hard to reach them.

What kind of requests does HUMANS usually get?

Product strategy review
Product development
Tokenomics design
Web3 community building
User Acquisition
Grant applications review
Pitch deck review for Web3 foundations
Fundraising strategy
Sales-processes building

How do I know a pre-shaped track matches my goals?

Even though our most popular tracks are pre-shaped, they are still tailored to every individual request. It's not an online course with pre-recorded materials. A senior curator gets in touch with you at the beginning of a track and syncs it with set goals. Advisors also choose an individual approach and always study your case before each session.

Do advisors take part in designing tracks?

Yep, we create every track together with advisors. They consult us on details relevant to their expertise and make sure the track matches Web3 practices. Plus, we're flexible. Before committing to a track, you'll be able to discuss your product with a senior curator who will share your vision with advisors.

How do you select advisors?

Every advisor that comes to us goes through an assessment session. After passing, we give the advisor two or three test sessions with clients. Only after we receive positive feedback is the advisor added to the list.

Can I stay in touch with my advisors after the sessions?

Of course. You're granted a two weeks long chat support with your advisor after each session.

Can I be on multiple tracks at the same time?

As long as you can handle it :)

What if I'm not happy after the track is completed?

We'll be happy to offer you a free session with any advisor you're interested in. A refund is also an option.

Are sessions private?

Of course. Every session is a 1:1 meeting with an advisor. No one else is present. We record all the sessions and send the recording to you so you can rewatch them whenever you need. Just let us know if you don't wish for the meeting to be recorded. We won't do it :)

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