John I

DevRel Director at BNB Chain Foundation


John Izaguirre currently works as Developer Relations director at BNB Chain foundation. Founder of the venture studio platform DotDots and NFT counseling firm IOV Agency. Active mentor at Celo acceleration camp and HTW Berlin university incubation program.

With over 6 active years in the Web3 industry, John gives a unique perspective on both the entrepreneurial and VC sides, where he excels at identifying and nurturing high-potential projects and communities as well as maintaining relationships with investors and partners at the BNB Chain foundation.


DevRel Director at BNB Chain Foundation
September 2022
Founder at DotDots
September 2012
Ecosystem Growth Manager at ConsenSys at ConsenSys
August 2018
July 2019

Helps with:

Marketing, content, and community
AMA Session

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