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Hire your personal Web3 advisory board

1:1 sessions with experienced advisors to accelerate your growth

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12m ago
Prioritizing backlog is essential, but I'm bad at it.
I have 9 years of PM experience. Let me help.
5m ago
My Pitch Deck doesn't showcase my product's potential.
I led fundraising campaigns before, let's take a look.
19m ago
I don't get tokenomics
Why don't we start with determining the type of token?
15m ago
The community I've built around my product isn't engaging.
I can help you build a more successful development strategy.

Here’s where the advice comes from

Meet your future Advisors

Founders, Product builders, Angel investors, VCs, C-levels, Foundations teams

100% of Unicorns have an advisory board.
Why don’t you?

Advisors help turn your exciting project into thriving product faster on every stage of development. Build your personal advisory board to get shit done:

Product Development

Design tokenomics
Review product strategy
Prioritize hypotheses


Pitch deck review
Fundraising strategy
Preparation for the pitch
Meet first investors

Marketing & community

Attract new users
Plan go-to market strategy
Build a community around the product


Develop a sales strategy
Find first clients
Review sales materials

People management

Motivate remote teams
Hire best talents
Build onboarding process

Increase Advisors’ involvement in your product by paying them in tokens

Granting tokens to Advisors helps to build healthy long-term relationships with your Advisory Board.

Book your first session & pay for it in fiat or stablecoins

To get matched with the best suited Advisor

You can pay for long-term advising in your own tokens

If HUMANS & Advisors accept it

How it works?

HUMANS helps you to build healthy relationships between Advisors and your product

Define a request

Define your request or book a 15-minutes call with HUMANS to let us dive into the context of your product

Choose an Advisor yourself or get matched by us

You can choose an Advisor from the list or assign us to study the request and find you the most relevant Advisor

Arrange a session

Immediately after the payment, we’ll get in touch to determine the best time bot your meeting

Hop on the first session with your Advisor

Attend the session and get the recording

Keep working with the Advisor and invite new ones to your Advisory Board

Usually, sessions give real value after continuous work with the Advisor for the 3-6 months. An average startup has 3-4 Advisors on their board

Everyone lacks Web3 experience, but some are few steps ahead

Book a 15-minutes call so we could dive into your request and match with the Advisor that fits you best


How can I book a session?

After you define your request, our team will take over, study it, and pass it on to the most fitting Advisor. We might ask follow-up questions about your product to ensure the Advisor we recommend is the Advisor you need.  

Right after that, we send the request to the Advisor, and as soon as the Advisor accepts it (it usually takes 24 hours), we’ll send you the link to the payment.

Once the payment is completed, you’ll get access to Advisors’ time slots and choose the one you need.

Can I simultaneously work with several advisors?

Sure thing! You can select several Advisors to speed up the growth. We are positive that different Advisors are necessary for different developing stages. A product is constantly changing, and various skills are needed to solve various problems.

For how long should I work with an Advisor?

On average, it takes 3-6 months of regular sessions to get a tangible result.

How does the payment in tokens work?

The first sessions with Advisors can only be paid for in stablecoins, fiat, and certain cryptocurrencies  

If you wish to pay for the next sessions in your tokens, indicate it in your application

The Advisor and HUMANS need to approve the acceptance of a token first

What kind of requests do HUMANS usually get?

Product strategy review
Product development
Tokenomics design
Web3 community building
User acquisition
Grant applications review
Pitch decks for Web3 foundations review
Fundraising strategy
Sales-processes building

Is the session private?

Of course. It is a 1:1 session with an Advisor. No one else is present. We record all the sessions and send the recording to you so you can rewatch them whenever you need. Just let us know if you don’t wish for the meeting to be recorded. We won’t do it :)

What if I’m not satisfied with the session?

We’ll give you a free session with an Advisor of your choice. We also do refunds.

Can I ask questions after the session is finished?

Shortly we’ll add an option to chat with an Advisor. It could be an entire session or just a question.

Still have questions?

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