Seraphim C

Head of Taking Risk at Euler

Euler Labs

Ex-Goldman Sachs Trader, now – Head of Risk at Euler Labs.

At Euler I have raised >$30mil round with Haun Ventures, Variant, Coinbase Ventures, Jane Street, and Uniswap ventures. Brought >$130mil TVL to the lending protocol via a new line of products and partnerships. Grew the protocol to >$300mil during the bear market.

I can help you develop a thorough fundraising strategy that’ll determine how your company will generate funds in the short, medium, and long term so that you can raise millions for your startup as well. Or — review your go-to-market strategy and provide insights on product positioning.


Head of Taking Risk at Euler Labs
August 2021

Helps with:

Marketing, content, and community
Fundraising strategy
Go-to-Market strategy

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