Seref B

Ex-VP, CEO, Business Development, Marketing Lead at Binance


Former lawyer and corporate developer, passionate about finding solutions to growth and strategy problems, and building top-notch teams.

Driven by a passion for building and scaling startups to millions of users. Proven success in launching innovative products and services, increasing customer loyalty, and achieving operational excellence.

Career Highlights

  • Joined Binance as the 5th to 10th employee in Europe//when the team was around 300 people, progressed from Community Manager to Founder and CEO
  • Build teams and led 100 to 120 people across Europe and ASIA
  • Found Binance TR and scaled it to 4.5M users (with 1.1M active trading users) in 9 months and reached 100B+ USD Trading volume only on Spot Trading
  • Scaled Binance Global Turkish Operations from 50k users to 6M users and scaled Monthly Active Trading Users from 30K to 1.6 Monthly Active Users
  • Launched and scaled Binance's Fiat operations to 100B+ USD transactions (Visa, Mastercard, Banking, Wallet) and multiple currencies (GBP, EUR, Ruble, TRY, UAH and many more) with more than 20M Users
  • Become the youngest VP Level Leader, got mentorship from CZ and executive courses from INSEAD along with other Binance Leaders

Seref helps building teams around the most efficient scalability, creating a growth & expansion strategy, and enhancing customer loyalty. He focuses on Centralised Exchanges,  Web3, NFT, blockchain gaming, crypto, defi,  fintech companies to scale. 

Helps with: 

  • User Persona and Segmentation
  • Growth Funnel 
  • Fundraising 
  • Networking to KOLs, VCs and Angels Investors
  • Product Development
  • Pricing Strategy 
  • Global Expansion
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Scaling Operations
  • Web3 Marketing Strategy
  • Building the Team & Culture
  • Token Economies Design
  • Scaling Community in Multiple Jurisdiction


Business Unit Owner of Fan Token Project at Binance
April 2021
September 2021
Business Unit Owner of Neobank Project at Binance
April 2021
September 2021
Founder and CEO at Binance TR
April 2020
September 2021
Fiat/Banking Lead for UK, EU and CIS at Binance
January 2020
September 2020
Head of Global Business Growth at Binance
December 2019
September 2021
Country Lead of Turkey at Binance
August 2019
September 2021
Business Development Manager at Binance
August 2019
December 2019

Helps with:

Product development
Marketing, content, and community
People management
1-1 AMA session

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