Mentor at Outlier Ventures, ex-Blockchain Consultant at Deloitte


Hey there! I'm Sidsel [sizzle], a master connector and entrepreneur.

I have over seven years of experience building blockchain products as a consultant, product manager, founder, hacker, and DAO contributor.

I started out building with big players in the financial industry, moved to supply chain and provenance for luxury brands before I went the degen-founder route, and I'm now helping promising, technical web3 projects grow through strategic ecosystem development.

My personal mission is to empower more people to have meaningful lives and careers 💗

Here's a rundown of my experience:

  • As a Relati0nship 3ngineer at Giga, I build relationships on behalf of giga and our partners in both a sales and business development capacity. My primary objective is to make friends and create mutually beneficial introductions between clients and partners.
  • As the founder of consultancy Valaxy, I empower decentralized organizations (DAOs) and web3 native projects to reach their full potential by providing a range of services including branding, mission and communication strategies, building online and offline funnels to attract new teams and developers, cultivating a strong, engaged community, educating builders and new community members on why and how they can contribute, and building and expanding ecosystems.
  • At LinksDAO (Bessemer Ventures), I scout for web3 founders and operators, which we then invest in as a dao.
  • Before founding Valaxy and joining giga, I was accepted to the Entrepreneur First accelerator program, where I developed and iterated on three main businesses: a cross-chain digital wallet for fashion NFTs, a blockchain-based fantasy game and marketplace for wine enthusiasts, and a decentralized product hunt platform for discovering NFTs. This was where I developed key experience in hypothesis-driven customer development, team formations, ideating, market sizing, fundraising, as well as the general struggles founders experience.
  • As a project & product manager at Everledger, I defined the product vision, strategy, and roadmap for analytics, self-service, B2C, and localization in China. I delivered Everledger Identify (first B2C product) in 5 months with a small team, and created and steered a new data, analytics and onboarding team resulting in a 1800% improvement in the speed of onboarding in just 3 months.
  • As a blockchain consultant at Deloitte, I helped our clients understand, explore, and deliver value with blockchain technology. My responsibilities included facilitating clients in their technology adoption journeys by offering a range of services, supporting the Head of Business Development in eminence building activities, and contributing to the planning, coordination and hosting of student events and meetups.
  • As a coordinator at Nordea Ventures, I coordinated and assisted in the daily corporate venture capital activities, developed and introduced a comprehensive performance-oriented approach for assessing portfolio performance and strategic returns, and proposed and materialized a process for graduates to do work rotations with Nordea’s portfolio companies.
  • As a graduate in User Experience & Innovation at Nordea Group, I lead a project on how a consortium-based DLT/blockchain solution can improve efficiency and coordination to drive down KYC and CDD costs while augmenting the Customer Experience, co-initiated and secured funding for a program to create a culture of continuous innovation, and mobilized a cross-company initiative to implement a group-wide innovation crowdsourcing platform.

I’m originally from Denmark, but I've lived in San Diego, San Francisco, Dublin, and now call London. I've been lucky enough to travel to 52 countries and I intend to visit them all.


Scout at Bessemer Venture Partners
January 2023
Mentor at Outlier Ventures
January 2023
Relati0nship 3ngineer at giga
December 2022
Technical Project Manager & Product Owner at Everledger
October 2019
July 2021
Product Manager at Everledger
October 2019
September 2021
Blockchain Consultant at Deloitte
May 2018
September 2019
Coordinator, Nordea Ventures at Nordea
February 2018
May 2018
Lean Agile Center of Excellence at Nordea
September 2017
December 2017
Graduate, User Experience & Innovation, Investment Advisory Solution Center at Nordea
March 2017
May 2018

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