Valerie T

Go-to-Market at Lido Finance


I believe the best go-to-market strategies are positive-sum.

My career has focused on developing and executing the strategy to bring technology products to market through channel partnerships and ecosystem integrations - and lots of creative experimentation.

My academic studies are a combination of Technology Entrepreneurship at Babson College, Computer Science at Stanford University, and the General Course at London School of Economics.

I started my career at Coveo, a leader in AI search, to establish and grow their partnership ecosystem in EMEA, and transitioned internally to M&A after the company’s IPO to get closer to start-ups.

I am currently responsible for Lido’s Go-To-Market strategy and ecosystem products. Lido is the leading DeFi liquid staking protocol, and is among the top DeFi protocols by TVL.

My approach has been to focus on leveraging partners as a force multiplier for marketing and product distribution. This is especially important in web3, in which open systems and composability make having a more expansive strategy even more important.

I challenge teams to make their unique positioning an obsession, and to find synergies with complementary players across their market segments to enhance their value propositions and multiply their distribution channels.

I intend on helping founders to think outside of the box with their initiatives, and do my best to bring a variety of perspectives from my past experience in fashion and DTC brands, AI, B2B SaaS, and web3 to brainstorming sessions.


Marketing & GTM at Lido
June 2022
Corporate Development at Coveo
January 2022
April 2022
Commerce Partner Lead - EMEA at Coveo
June 2020
January 2022

Helps with:

Marketing, content, and community
Product development
Go-To-Market Planning
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