Get a fundable Pitch Deck made by investors

we know pitch decks are boring and probably the thing you always procrastinate about. We help you get it done quickly, good looking, and with a tokenomics slide no one questions.
Once it's ready, we'll deliver the deck to 750+ vetted active Web3 investors.

get your pitch deck


I can do it myself

Yes, but if you are here, then you've probably tried and decided to spend the time on product building instead. Leave the rest to us

Dedicated team

with the relevant investment analyst onboard. Your story and message will be concise, graphics that are only going up (hopefully, that's the plan).

Delivery to investors

Chances are, you need a pitch deck done for fundraising. All of the decks are sent to the HUMANS deal-flow channel with over 750 VCs (only active, not the ones that are still raising their own funds)

Not just wording and design

A pitch deck is a mirror of your startup — and you’ll need to answer some in-depth questions. We’ll help you with market research, competitor analysis, GTM strategy, right communication for your tokenomics and P&L projections


Pitch Decks we’ve made

Skillful AI — personalized AI ecosystem

✦Iterated tokenomics with the advisors and investors

✦Iterated Pitch Deck (that helped to raise $1,8m)

✦had a Demo Day with 50+ VCs (ConsenSys, Polygon, etc)

✦17 calls with active Tier-1 investors from our vast VC network

✦1.8m Raised over 5 weeks, $80k+ through HUMANS introductions

“Thanks again. It was not just the initial contacts for some funding that was so helpful. I recommend them to anyone starting their funding journey, set up a call atleast.

Stanley, cofounder of skillful aI

Censo — The Seed Phrase Management Protocol

✦deck designed by pros in figma to be evolved with the product vision

✦Received the feedback from the investors, and found the new Web3 protocol narrative

✦34 calls with investors from our network(117 active Web3 VCs saw the new pitch deck)

“I would say HUMANS have underpromised and overdelivered. They have been friendly, engaged, helpful and provided me many many high quality investor intros. Further their pitch days are unusually well organized and run.

Andrew lawrence, founder of censo, ex-partner at Pantera capital

Bemo — TON liquid staking

✦Pitch Deck from 0 to 1 with the narrative, design, Market research and competitor analysis

✦GTM strategy slide created during two advisory calls with the advisor from Lido Finance

✦Three different narratives for the different VC groups crafted with the Feedback from investors at Binance Labs

✦21 calls with active Tier-1 investors from our VC network

“I had no idea where I could personally get feedback on the deck from several investors and experts in a week. If I did it myself, I could only rely on one-line answers that come together with rejections.

Pavel Altukhov, founder of bemo finance


No magic happening here

Just dedicated analyst, content and designer pros delivering your best pitch deck


Conveying a story in a way that's understood is not simple. Choosing the right wording and narrative takes time and requires iterations. We'll help you find the right narrative that is relevant now, and wording that communicates your message clearly.


Our team of analysts will conduct their own research about your market and competitors. If needed, our experts can also work with you on creating a financial model and GTM strategy slides.


We will help you deliver your message with graphics, roadmaps, and tables. Investors will see that you care, but do not overcomplicate things.

delivery to investors

We’ll distribute your Pitch Deck to the 750+ actively investing angels and VCs. We’re publishing all the startups in our private Deal-Flow channel.


Who’ll be reviewing my pitch deck?

They help you research market, prepare pitch deck, define fundraising strategy. Not “LinkedIn” advisors — only actively investing ones.

HUMANS is a platform that helps fundable Web3 companies run their fundraising campaigns. We gathered 750+ investors in our network.

many of them became advisors at humans to help founders get funded. They’ll be commenting on your pitch deck.

Tommy Shaughnessy
Co-Founder @Delphi Digital
Tom White
Founder of stealth startup, ex-Director of Research
Miko Matsumura
Managing Partner @Gumi Cryptos Capital
Alexandra Smith
Portfolio Management @ConsenSys Mesh
Stefan Piech
Advisor @Cypher Capital, ex-Binance Research
Joey Krug
Partner @Founders Fund



pitch deck light

You already have your pitch deck and need to upgrade it

Delivery in 5 business days

initial pitch deck required

A full-time team of project manager, designer, copywriter and VC analyst

personal chat for revisions

PDF deck with explanations

Figma file for future edits

Delivery to 250+ real investing VCs

pitch deck pro

building your pitch deck from zero to hero

Delivery in 10 business days

No initial pitch deck required

A full-time team of project manager, designer, copywriter and VC analyst

Pitch deck structuring to succeed

Market research (for your sector)

Competitor analysis (for your sector)

Delivery to 250+ real investing VCs

PDF deck with explanations

Figma file for future edits



Who are this designers and copywriters?

We have an internal team of designers, copywriters, and analysts. They've already seen and done hundreds of Web3 decks. Also, we have advisors from Tier-1 Web3 VCs who carefully look through your deck, give you their feedback, share their concerns and questions, and sometimes even ask us to set up a call with the founder.

who are humans?

HUMANS is a Web3 builders' growth kit. We help founders get funded, achieve PMF, and attract great teams to build with. We gathered 150+ advisors from Tier-1 companies and funds to help Web3 founders build, launch, and scale products more efficiently.

Who's behind the product and why should I trust you? 🤔

The same team that is building HUMANS. We partner with VCs from Shima Capital, Consensys Mesh, Republic, Delphi Digital, Stonks, and other great companies. You can see the complete list of our experts — and decide whether they're trustworthy enough for you!

What if I don't like it?

We’ll work on the deck in an open figma where you’ll be able to follow the progress, so the process and updates will be transparent from the start. And we'll always be able to make revisions based on your feedback.

How to decide between Pitch Deck Pro and Pitch Deck Lite?

It depends on the quality (and very existence!) of your current deck. If you only have a couple slides with unstructured information or don’t have anything at all, then you should choose the Pro service where we work on your value proposition from scratch. If you’d simply like a polished version of your existing deck along with copywriting, then the Lite service is best for you.

What do you need from my side?

Information about your product, traction, and team — we'll discuss it on our introductory call. And then you can just sit back and relax while our team of copywriters, designers, and analysts does all the work.

Why should I outsource the work on my pitch deck?

Pitch decks are not rocket science, but you still need expertise to do them exactly right. And the cost of mistakes is very high: you may have a great product but still miss an investment opportunity because your deck wasn't convincing. Our team of analysts will gather feedback from VCs, provide research about your market and competitors and turn all that into the best deck possible.


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